Header and Logo Competition [CLOSED]

Do you know what OzNoWriMo.org needs? A REALLY COOL header image and logo. The thing is, I'm not very arty but I know a lot of great young people are. Many young writers love to draw or digitally design graphics, or have friends who are great at art and it would be wonderful to be able to showcase some of that talent here. So, we're throwing a competition for young artists to design our header image and logo.

What does the Header need?

We'd like our header image to give young writers an idea of things that great stories may have. We'd like it to give them a sense of how fun writing can be and the sorts of things their imagination might explore. What sorts of things do you love in the stories you read or write? Include those!
We also need the header image to have our website title: OzNoWriMo Young Writers Program
and our website subtitle: For Western Australian Young Writers and Educators
Finally, the image needs to be 960 pixels by 200 pixels so that it fits perfectly in our header space.

What does the Logo need?

We want something eye catching that can become something people recognise as being uniquely OzNoWriMo. You know MacDonald's has the golden arches. Apple has an Apple. Nike has that swipe with the word Nike next to it. All the coolest stuff has some sort of brand that people recognise and we'd like one of those for OzNoWriMo.
The Logo needs to be 256 pixels by 256 pixels but also needs to look clear and crisp if shrunk down to 16px by 16px.

What do you get?

You'll get a few cool things if your header or logo is selected. We're going to select our twenty favourite artists to include on a page of the brilliantly talented. If you'd like our young writers to approach you for book cover designs you definitely want to get your name on this page. From among those twenty finalists we'll select one header winner and one logo winner who will both get their name on this site, in the footer, as designers! We'll also announce the winners to all our OzNoWriMo people. But there's more. We've got great little arty prize packs for our winners that include a cool pencil case, sketch pads, and pencils. I might even find a few more goodies to throw in there as I look in my secret stash.

How do you enter?

Simply fill out the form below! It's that easy. Please note that this competition is only open to young artists between 8 and 17 years of age who currently live in Western Australia. All entrants require their parent or guardians permission to enter the competition. The deadline is September 30th.

Header and Logo Design Competition Entry Form

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 I am aged between 8 and 17 years of age and live in Western Australia.

 I understand that submitting my image for this competition grants non-exclusive reproduction rights of the image to the OzNoWriMo Young Writers Program coordinators.

 I have permission from my parent or guardian to enter this competition.

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