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This year, together with the Write Along The Highway project for adults, we're putting together a program for young writers ages 8 to 17. We will be approaching schools across the south metropolitan area in the hopes of encouraging students to participate. The project promotes literacy and a love of language in young children. It fosters the creative potential of children by encouraging them to write a story in the month of November.

We're still establishing our local NaNoWriMo project for young writers, but the adult program currently spans several councils and has been running since 2012. Businesses in these districts have the most to gain from sponsoring our project as our writers, their families, and their schools are most likely to reciprocate with your local goods and services. We acknowledge sponsorship by including your name or business logo on our literature and encouraging participants and their families to make use of your business services. There is also a great deal of community goodwill in supporting a project that is locally based, child-centric, and educationally sound. There is the potential for positive publicity and we hope this year's efforts will be a jumping off point to make this an annual project that attracts more and more families every year.

There are a number of ways you can contribute to the program.

  • First we would like to offer every child a small "Starter Package" that includes stationary such as a notepad and pen/pencil/eraser. At this stage we're not sure how many children to expect and thought it might be best to cap the "Starter Package" to the first 200 participants, but the more support from sponsors we have the greater our reach with these resources.
  • We would also like to host some child-centric events through November. This means hiring a venue and providing food and drink. Food industry sponsors might consider donations or coupons for discounted kids meals or parent freebies (after all we need to acknowledge and thank our supportive parents!). Venues might consider offering their space at times when the venue is otherwise unbooked.
  • We also have materials that require printing. Splitting the costs of printing across multiple sponsors greatly reduces this expense and allows us to create more materials for promoting and supporting the program as widely as possible. If you have printing facilities and would be willing to donate the cost of running off some prints this contribution would be greatly appreciated.
  • Finally, any cash donations are very welcome. All donations are invested directly into the program to ensure as many opportunities and events are available to the young writers as possible. The program is entirely volunteer run and completely non-profit so you can be certain all contributions support the program and its participants.

If you feel this is something you or your business could support. We are very open to your ideas and suggestions. While ideally donations of cash, catering, venue space, supplies of stationary, and/or printing would be perfect, you may have other suggestions or solutions that could help. Feel free to contact Rebecca Laffar-Smith by email at rebecca@oznowrimo.org for more information or to make a sponsorship arrangement.

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