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We'll have some great stuff here soon. Meanwhile, join the OzNoWriMo Young Writers email list and you'll get emails when we have cool links and stuff to share. We'll also let you know about any local writer events, competitions, and opportunities in the community.


Page 1 is for Educators, page 2 is for Young Writers. These A4 flyers give a brief introduction to what the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program is and how you can sign up to participate. Feel free to print and distribute these fliers to your friends and teachers.

Click here to download the Handout PDF.


The primary site for NaNoWriMo YWP. This is where you'll track your word count and hang out with your friends on the young writers writing forums.

Go to YWP.NaNoWriMo.Org now?

YWP Brochure:

This printable tri-fold brochure introduces everyone to the program and gives all the necessary information to get started. Perfect for young writers, parents, and teachers who would like more information or who have never come across the program before. Feel free to print and share with your students, their parents, and other educators.

Click here to download the Brochure PDF.

Writing Software and Apps

Scrivener for Windows or Scrivener for Mac

Workshops and Events

Writing Workshops For Young Writers

Writing Competitions

Check Out These Writing Competitions

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